Neighborhood Partner FAQs

1. What are the qualification requirements to become a Neighborhood Partner Outlet?

  • Residential space (If you have a commercial space, apply to the Business Hub Program)
  • Willingness to promote your outlet within your neighborhood/barangay
  • Internet service
  • Smartphone with mobile internet
  • Simple ID requirements- 2 valid IDs, Proof of Billing

2. Do I need business registration papers and permits?

As a Neighborhood Partner, we have designed a very unique program that minimizes the amount of paperwork you need to process on your own. We have all the contracts and agreements ready, which will be given and explained to you during the training.

3. What is the step by step process of getting approved?

  • Step 1: Submit application
  • Step 2: Undergo an over the phone interview
  • Step 3: E-mail requirements for processing and approval. You will receive instructions on when and how to submit the required document requirements as well as an approval notification
  • Step 4: Settle the Parnership Fee and schedule your training and orientation session
  • Step 5: Attend training and sign the NP Agreement contract!

4. How long is the approval process?

The complete approval process may take up to 24 to 48 hours.

You will be contacted by our representative for questions and concerns during the process and you will be notified via with the results of the review.

5. What is the breakdown of the fees?

  • Total investment fee package or the franchise cost
  • Inclusive of the reservation fee, trademark licensing fee and introductory training of up to two persons, Starter Kit, Marketing Support, Dashboard access.

6. What are consumable credits?

The Neighborhood Partner program operates on a prepaid model. For every transaction you complete, the funds you receive will be deducted from this credit. A threshold is set and once you go below the set threshold, you are required to replenish your credits.

7. How do I replenish or pre-pay Consumable Credits?

You can replenish or pre-pay Consumable Credits by depositing the prescribed amount at any BDO branch (you will be given banking information during the training).

8. How will you support partner outlets in marketing/promotion?

Email newsletter blasts promoting all partner outlets are regularly sent to all Xend customers.

All new accounts (we have hundreds of new accounts every day) will be informed of the nearest outlet in their area. You will also be provided with a customised banner and flyers that you can distribute in your local area You can count on us to promote you as much as we can as your success is our success!

9. How will my outlet earn?

Your outlet can earn competitive commissions by offering Xend services at your outlet, including but not limited to the following:

Walk-in Transactions:

  • Drop-offs (Parcels for shipping dropped off by Walk-In customers at your outlet)
    • Xend Domestic Shipping Services
    • Xend Registered Mail and EMS International Shipping Services (in partnership with Sweden Post)
    • International Express Shipping Services (in partnership with UPS)
  • Pickup-At-Outlet

    • Customers within your area who prefer to pick up their packages at your outlet rather than delivered to them.
  • Returns- Acceptance of online purchase returns

  • Bills Payment
  • Load
  • Dragonpay Acceptance
  • Travel & Tours
  • Money Remittance
  • Other products and services with our trusted partners in the pipeline which will generate more earning opportunities

Job Transactions:

  • Pick up Jobs (Tasks specifically assigned by Xend)
  • Delivery Jobs (Tasks specifically assigned by Xend)

Advertising Services (Xend Advertising Services are ad spots on our various channels that your outlet is authorized to market and sell on Xend’s behalf):

  • Website Banner Ads
  • Pouch Ads
  • Flyers/Direct Mail
  • Email Banner Ads

10. What is the difference between Walk-In Transactions and Job Transactions?

Walk-in Transactions are transactions when customers walk-in to your outlet to transact business.

Job Transactions are tasks specifically assigned by Xend to be performed and fulfilled by your outlet.

  • Pick up Jobs are pickups within your territory assigned by Xend to be fulfilled by your outlet.
  • Delivery Jobs are deliveries within your territory assigned by Xend to be fulfilled by your outlet.

Job Transactions are only applicable to accredited and qualified partner outlets that opted to offer pickup and delivery services.

11. Is my outlet required to provide Pickup and Delivery Jobs?

Performing pickup and delivery jobs are optional for Walk-In only partner outlets. However, applications indicating willingness to perform pickup and delivery jobs will be prioritized. Keep in mind that your outlet can maximize earnings by providing the full suite of Xend services.

12. How many Pickup and Delivery Jobs is my outlet required to complete per day?

For outlets that opted to provide Pickup and Delivery Jobs, the initial maximum pickup and delivery jobs assigned is ~10 per day.

However, if you know that your outlet can manage and handle more volume, a request may be submitted to your assigned Xend representative. Your outlet will be assessed following your request.

Although we initially limit the amount of pickup and delivery jobs assigned to your outlet, there is no limit on the number of other transactions per day. We strongly recommend all partner outlets to promote the services you offer to your friends, family, colleagues, network and territory (barangay/neighborhood) to maximize your outlet’s earning potential.

Flyers that can be distributed to promote and market your outlet are included in your starter kit. Xend also promotes all partner outlets in email blasts regularly sent to Xend client database.

13. Does my outlet need a dedicated motorized vehicle to fulfill Pickup/Delivery Jobs ?

A dedicated motorized vehicle to fulfill pickup/delivery jobs is not required. This program is aimed to maximize the use of any idle/unused/underutilized vehicles you already own. Fulfilling jobs using a motorized vehicle is at your own discretion.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Partners is to service clients who are nearby within your territory (within same barangay or neighboring barangays). Performing pickup/delivery jobs on foot or non-motorized bike would be adequate in most cases.

14. Is my outlet allowed to accept and perform a pickup if a customer prefers pickup rather than walking in to my outlet ?

Yes. As long as these transactions are processed as Walk-In transactions in your outlet.

Some examples:

  • Anyone in your network that you have direct communication with that prefers pickup rather than walk-in.
  • A work colleague who would rather just pass on their shipment to you while you are both at work.
  • A relative or friend you are visiting that has something to ship.

All transactions directly engaged or recruited by your outlet must be properly tagged and recorded into the Xend system to ensure that commissions are accurately calculated

15. Is my outlet required to encode the transactions processed into a system?

Yes. Your outlet will be given access to a system whereby you will be required to promptly record all transactions conducted and completed in your outlet.

Proper and efficient recording and documentation of transactions will ensure that commissions are accurately calculated.

16. What are Xend Advertising Services?

Xend Advertising Services are ad spots on our various channels that your outlet is authorized to market and sell on Xend’s behalf. A copy of the Xend Advertising Services Sales Kit will be distributed to help your outlet effectively sell this service.

  • Website Banner Ads- Advertisements displayed on the various pages of our website.
  • Pouch Ads- Advertisements printed on our pouches.
  • Flyers/Direct Mail- Advertisements placed in the pocket our our pouches which are delivered to the consignees.
  • Email Banner Ads- Advertisements displayed in the body of our regular email blasts and newsletter we send out to our database.

17. What are the commissions my outlet can earn?

Click here to see an example of commissions your outlet can earn. It's up to you how much you can earn, promote your outlet to the fullest to maximize your earning potential!

18. Do I need to hire dedicated staff?

This program is aimed to maximize the use of your idle/free time (or people within your household). With this, we do not anticipate you needing to hire dedicated staff, however it is at your discretion to hire staff.

19. How much space do I need?

As this program is meant to make use if any free space you have, we do not require a large space. So long as there is enough space for safekeeping of parcels in your possession (~5 sqm should be sufficient in most cases).

20. How will the packages in my possession be transported to your main hub?

A Xend representative assigned in your area will pick up all packages from your outlet.

21. How will my outlet get the packages for Delivery Jobs and Pickup-at-Outlet transactions?

A Xend representative assigned in your area will transport all packages to your outlet.

22. Are there yearly fees?

50% of the initial investment cost paid by the Neighborhood partner is required to maintain the license to operate for that year.

23. Is there a deadline for applications?

We have a rolling application process. We continually accept application in all areas where there are no existing Xend outlets.

24. How long is training?

Please allot 3 to 4 hours for training on your scheduled date.

25. What is the difference between a Neighborhood Partner and a Business Hub?

The only difference is that a Neighborhood Partner Outlet is operated from a home/residence while the Business Hub Outlet is already registered and operating as an existing business with commercial space/storefront.

To operate as a Business Hub, the business must be a registered with complete documentation.

Neighborhood Partners and Business Hubs offer the same services.

26. What is the difference between a Neighborhood Partner and your 7-11 partnership?

This program is very different from our partnership with 7-11. With the Neighborhood Partner Program, you will be much more than just a drop off point thus providing you with much more earning possibilities.

On day 1, you will be able to offer all our domestic and international shipping services including advertising solutions plus all new services in the future. We anticipate more partnerships we are currently negotiating to continually increase and expand your earning potential.

27. Is my outlet allowed to design and produce the necessary internal forms and marketing materials?

  • Internal Forms

    To ensure standardization, all Internal forms are designed and provided by Xend to partner outlets. Initial inventory of forms will be included in the Starter Kit.

  • Marketing Materials, i.e flyers, tarps, business cards, etc..

    To ensure consistency and uniformity in the Xend brand, all marketing materials are designed and produced by Xend. Signage and initial inventory of flyers are included in the Starter Kit.